July 19, 2011



Otamatea Hawks 22
Hikurangi 15

Just in case you missed it the Hawks won there first game of the season at Maungaturoto last Saturday against Hikurangi.

The win is a significant moral booster for players, management and supporters in what has been a difficult season. The Hawks have been improving every week in the second round, and after a narrow loss last weekend it was supremely satisfying to seal the victory.

The Hawks started well and created a great opportunity for John-Luke Whitehead in the first two minutes which was unfortunately called back for a forward pass. Hikurangi, playing into a strong headwind, had the better of the possession in the first half and used there solid pack to rubble the ball up from lineouts and around the ruck. This eventually led to them scoring the first try.
What little possession the Hawks had they used well. From an attacking lineout Centre Lincoln Phillips busted the line and managed to get the ball away to Toby Phillips who scored underneath the posts. Minutes later, after a break down the wing Whitehead followed up well to score the try he should have had in the opening minutes.

The second half was a battle of attrition as Otamatea was constantly penalized for an array of infringements. No less then three Hawks players were sent to the sinbin. Hikurangi managed to scrap back a try and although the pressed hard in the dying minutes the Hawks defense held. Toby Phillips picking up the other try for the Hawks making it two for the day.
Adam Exler and Shane Robinson were named players of the day for there immense defensive efforts.

The Reserves suffered a defeat although they made a great improvement from the first round and had impressive numbers at the game.

With three games to go three wins may be a bit too much to ask, but if I was a betting man I'd chuck a lazy tenner on the Hawks snatching another couple of victories before the seasons out.

Larsen responds to Mayor Tiller's comment on Strong Governance

Mayor Tiller has alleged that I have not raised issues directly with him. As my letter of 3 July quite clearly shows, I had done so. My letter of 3 July in fact lists all communications which I had addressed to the Mayor to which he has not replied.

Mayor Tiller as well accuses me of lack of engagement. That was the whole purpose of my letter, borne out of frustration in trying to engage. The fact that the Mayor uses Council resources to perpetuate a lie (my letter proves this), where all I was doing was asking him to engage, is the extraordinary matter. If there is anything that illustrates why I am not engaged, it is that, rather than reply to my letter, the Council has chosen to issue a press release.

Furthermore, the release of a press release on behalf of Council, without first bringing the matter formally before Council, is a breach of the Council’s own Code of Conduct.As for the rest of the press release, my challenge to the Mayor, if everything is in such terrific shape, is to release the PJ and Associates report on the Financial Health and Sustainability of the Council, to the press, and allow the public to make up their own minds.

How the Council should work together, it seems to me, would be improved if the issues were addressed, rather than using personal attacks such as this Council press release and other communications I have received. It is the issue that is important here, not the attack on a single first-term councillor who has tried to reach out and ensure that the public knows what is going on.

Release the PJ and Associates report, release the EcoCare loan documentation, release the Brookfields/BECA District Plan budget report, release the Balance Sheet, release the Cashflow Statement – let’s get the information out so that the debate can be based around fact rather than insult.

Simply claiming in a headline that “Strong Governance Gives Strong Financial Management” is propaganda not fact.

If all those documents are available to the public, and I am wrong, then I will be the first to apologise.

Jonathan Larsen
Kaipara District Councillor

Strong Governance Gives Strong Financial Management

Kaipara Mayor Neil Tiller assures ratepayers that the Council will not financially default.

“The Council elected in October is strongly managing the Council’s financial position. Council engaged an independent financial consultant to review the Council’s financial sustainability and found no concerns with Council’s position apart from the debt on the Mangawhai Community Wastewater Scheme which will require management.” said Mayor Tiller.

“We have already implemented some of the recommendations, including the appointment of independent treasury advisors.”

The Council has yet to formally receive the final report but according to Mayor Tiller it has found that Council’s finances are in a very manageable position. A slow down of growth at Mangawhai, because of the Global Financial Crises, means Council needs to carefully review its financial model for the community wastewater scheme. This is being done as part of the development of the 2012/22 Long Term Plan which will be widely consulted with the community in March/April 2012.

This has already been explained to Council as part of the financial review process and the review of the EcoCare project provided to Council earlier this year. As the financial reviewer commented to Council, “If it wasn’t for EcoCare there would be no issues for Council.”

Mayor Tiller’s comments follow the publication of an open letter to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor by Councillor Larsen on his private website and in the press. Mayor Tiller considered this type of communication between the Mayor and one of the Councillors was most unusual.

“It indicates to me a lack of engagement within the Council’s processes by Councillor Larsen. He has been given every opportunity to raise his concerns at Council, either directly with me or in the Council’s Workshop or Portfolio Holder meetings. He has not done so. He raises matters through notices of motion without discussing them and has now communicated through the press. This is not how a Council should work together.” commented Mayor Tiller.

He also noted that Council operates as a democracy and to have things happen there needs to be a majority of the Council agree. Councillor Larsen has not been able to gather the support at the Council table. Many of the items he says he has asked for have been before the Council in the past.

Cr Larsen also commented in the press that his notices of motion were being censored by a select group. The Council’s Standing Orders give strict criteria for the acceptance of notices of motion and these criteria can be exercised only by the Chair, this is generally the Mayor.

Mayor Tiller’s final comment was, “Councillor Larsen seems to want to go over old ground and re-litigate decisions made by Council in the past. To do that it needs to be supported by a majority of Council and to date Councillor Larsen has not been able to gather this level of support.”

Councillor Larsen was the only member of the Kaipara Can ticket to get elected at the last election in October. He is following the model of behaviour adopted by the Kaipara Can leader, Bill Guest, when he was a Councillor.

Spirit of Adventure Award Opportunity for Young Women

The Zonta Club of Mangawhai is delighted to announce the establishment of an Annual Award for young women in the area in the form of a 10 day Youth Development Voyage on the Spirit of Adventure. Criteria for application are as follows:

The applicant:

  • is a young woman from 15 to 18 years of age
  • is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand
  • is a resident of the Mangawhai, Tomorata, Wellsford, Kaiwaka, Maungaturoto or Waipu area
  • has shown leadership potential or would like to develop leadership skills
  • must be able to swim 100 metres unaided
  • will report back to the Zonta Club of Mangawhai after the voyage

Application forms are available upon request by emailing mangawhai@zonta.org
or call Sue on 02175556636.
Deadline for applications for 2011 is September 10. Winner to be announced on September 26. Voyage dates to be arranged to suit the successful applicant.

The Zonta Club of Mangawhai hosts a number of fundraising events annually, the proceeds of which go towards this award, in addition to a variety of international, national and local initiatives that advance the health, education and safety of women and girls.

You are cordially invited to attend a


to be held at The Club in Mangawhai on Thursday, August 11th from 7 to 9 pm.

This will be a guaranteed fun night out with a nautical theme – there will be fabulous prizes including for the best dressed team, a light supper and cash bar are provided and you can bring nibbles for your table. To enter (teams of 6 at only $7 pp) phone Jude on (09) 431 2765.

ALL PROCEEDS to the ongoing funding of THE SPIRIT of ADVENTURE AWAR