February 6, 2011

Paparoa Show Photos 5th February 2011

Canine Competitors waiting their turn in the Dog Agility Competition

Pole Bending Competition

Getting Ready for the Break Roping Competition
Mid Northern Rodeo Club

Girl Power in the Bull Ride Mid Northern Rodeo Club

A young handler with his Salers Heifer Young Handler (Senior) Class - Beef Section

Getting it just right Young Handler Class (Senior) - Dairy Section

Scottish Highland Cow with her handler

Winner Young Handler Class (Junior) - Beef Section

Young Handlers Class (Junior) - Dairy Section

Dexter Cattle Calf

Calves in the Miniature Cattle Ring Left Miniature Hereford Right Scottish Highland

Championship Class Miniature Horse Ring

Harness Class Miniature Horse Ring

Talking technique before the Wood Chopping Competition started

Sheep Shearing Competition

One of the many sideshow attractions at the show

Pony Ring

Open Hack Ring

Calf Club Ring

Scottish Highland Bull

Salers Cow

Congratulations to the Show Committee for a successful event and for giving everyone in our community such a great day. These images were taken for the internet. The committee engaged an Official Photographer on the day. Please contact the North Kaipara A & P Committee via the Paparoa Website for further details.

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