July 30, 2010

Maungaturoto Events for August 2010

Paparoa County Depot Trust are accepting applications for grants from Charity/Volunteer Groups during August. Closing date for applications 31 August 2010.
Contact the Secretary Maurice Kirtin for an application form
Email: longdrop08-pcdt@yahooxtra.co.nz

Otamatea Repertory Theatre Presents ‘The Sound of Music’
August 6 & 13th Evening Shows at 7.30 pm
Matinees on August 7,8,14 & 15 at 2p.m.
Tickets available through I-Ticket
www.iticket.co.nz or from Tony’s Lotto Shop in Maungaturoto

Maungaturoto Garden Club will be at the Centennial Hall on August 18th. Ginny Todd will be giving a talk on the art of Bronze Sculpture. Meet at 1 pm at the hall.

The Mobile Ear clinic will be in Maungaturoto 16 August

Otamatea High School Open Day 1st September

Visit www.otamatea.school.net for further details

If it sounds too good to be true then it isn't

This is a post about the dangers of believing you have been contacted by the UK Lottery,Irish Lottery or any other kind of so called Lottery. They come in all forms with the same kinds of headings UK LOTTERY YOU HAVE WON EURO$750,000,000. They even have so called addresses and contact phone numbers with them. Don't reply to them. Don't click on the links they provide either - or you may find you will have your identity stolen. The same applies when you get an email apparently from your bank. It says things like Update your account details or they are upgrading their systems. Again it's a scam to get your password and bank details so they can steal your hard earned cash right out from underneath your nose - electronically. You may receive one supposedly from your internet service provider asking for your username, date of birth and password. Internet Service Providers do not send out those kind of emails period. If you receive an email from a person saying they have a sick mother and they want to transfer $2,000,000 into your bank account - delete it. Don't reply it's a scam to get your money.

I get several everyday and there is only one thing to do. Click the delete button.

July 27, 2010

Farmer confidence dips slightly, farm confidence survey shows

In the latest Federated Farmers survey of farmer confidence, at the start of the 20010/11 season, only a net 2.9 percent of farmers expect the economy to improve. As this has declined slightly from January’s survey, Federated Farmers believes it provides evidence why the Reserve Bank needs to keep the Official Cash Rate (OCR) on hold at 2.75 percent.

“While farmers are not overly optimistic about general economic conditions they are slightly more upbeat about the profitability of their own farms, but then again, that’s off recession like levels,” says Philip York, Federated Farmers economics and commerce spokesperson.

“One general economic barometer is recruitment and farm employers are now reporting it easier to find skilled staff than in January, where we found a tightening labour market.

“Federated Farmers is buoyed by the way farmers have responded to policy signals to reduce debt levels. This is not just a dairy phenomenon. We see meat and fibre farmers as well as grains farmers moving in this direction as well. Debt reduction must be encouraged and keeping the OCR on hold will greatly facilitate debt retirement.

“While dairy farmers are the most optimistic, for sheep and beef farmers as well as grains farmers, things are much less rosy. Among grains farmers there is a strong underlying pessimism about industry factors that Federated Farmers is looking into. It is also significant the current state of the meat and wool industries is now a named concern.

“Yet the single biggest issue for farmers at the start of the 2010/11 season is the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

“30 percent of respondents cite that as their main business concern and this worries Federated Farmers. While there has been uninformed comment that farming is ‘ETS immune’, farmers are heavily exposed to power and fuel price increases and the cascade impact these have upon farm inputs. Respondents want the Government to either scrap the ETS or further moderate it.

“Significantly, farmers are detecting increases in the cost of farm inputs based on assumed higher payouts which are yet to be earned. This includes the non-tradable sector led by central and local central and government costs. The Federation will need to look closer at this.

“Commodity price levels and volatility were major concerns influenced by the exchange rate. We are concerned that any tightening of the OCR this week will put upwards pressure on the Kiwi, to the detriment of the entire export sector.

“Farmers also feel deep unease about the size of Government in the economy, which, while forecast to fall, will only do so gradually. Reducing the Government’s size will reduce compliance costs and regulatory blockages leaving more money for productive investment.

“Federated Farmers and farmers are pleased the Government adopted the New Zealand Productivity Commission Bill, which had it’s first reading late last week. In light of the mining backdown, it is a positive signal to business, along with planned amendments to the Employment Relations Act and the Holidays Act.

“Yet, given many farm business concerns revolve about unnecessary compliance, we ask why there has been only glacial progress on the Regulatory Responsibility Bill, which is currently subject to a discussion document.

“These legislative tools, we believe, will enforce a much needed cultural shift within Government that will lift the profitability of New Zealand’s farmer-exporters,” Mr York concluded.

July 26, 2010

Zion offers Northland Residents a roaring hot winter deal

Resident White African Lion Gandor shows his good side to visitors

During the last weekend of July (31st July & 1st August) Northland Residents will have a chance to meet the big cats and team at Whangarei’s Zion Wildlife Gardens for half price.

Visitors to the park will have a unique opportunity to get a close up view in safety, of the rare and endangered big cats resident at the park, including Bengal tigers, cheetahs, Serval Cats, a leopard and two cheetahs. Several White African lions and Barbary Lions, are also included in the rare feline collection.

After the success last year of their ‘Whangarei Weekend’, Zion Wildlife Gardens management made the decision to expand their half priced weekends to include Northland residents. The cost for adults will be $30 (normally $60) and children $15 (normally $30). Park management says the half priced weekends are so popular, bookings are essential. In order to gain entry for half price visitors must also bring proof of their residential address with them on the day.

Viewing is by guided tour with a comprehensive educational narration given by the well- experienced ZWG team members.

To reserve your half price entry please phone (09) 435 0110 or email zion@zionwildlifegardens.co.nz

July 23, 2010

Nominations Now Open For Local Government Candidates

Now is your chance to give local politics a go and have a say in the future of your district.

Nominations for candidates wishing to stand in this year’s local authority elections open Friday 23 July 2010.

Claire Lichtwark McInnes Electoral Officer says anyone wishing to stand as a candidate for Kaipara should get their nominations in now.

Nominations close on Friday 20 August at noon.

“We are encouraging anyone who wants to make a difference in the local community to stand. After all, local government and local democracy are fundamental to our society giving the opportunity for everyone’s voice to be heard. The Mayor and Councillors take on a leadership role in the Kaipara representing the views of the community.

We need a range of elected members of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to represent the diversity of our community.

Anyone over the age of 18 can stand for election as long as they are a New Zealand citizen and enrolled on the electoral roll anywhere in New Zealand. Your nominees must be on the roll in the ward in which you are standing.”

For further information on standing as a candidate visit www.kaipara.govt.nz or www.lgnz.col.nz or contact your electoral officer.

July 19, 2010

Synlait Milk goes east with Bright Dairy & Food Co Limited

Federated Farmers believes the weakness of New Zealand’s capital markets has been exposed by Bright Dairy & Food Co Limited of China, taking a 51 percent stake in Synlait Milk.

“After last year’s abandonment of an Initial Public Offering, it’s a damming indictment on our capital markets that Synlait couldn’t rely on New Zealand to provide the investment capital necessary to fund its expansion,” says Lachlan McKenzie, Federated Farmers dairy chairperson.

“With a majority of Synlait Limited’s processing arm being bought by Bright Dairy & Food Co Limited, I think New Zealanders should be thankful Fonterra Cooperative Group, Westland Dairy Cooperative and Tatua Cooperative Dairy Company are Kiwi owned by Kiwi farmers.

“Federated Farmers now hopes Synlait Milk will look to work with our local cooperatives to develop the quality end of the Chinese market. New Zealand can only meet a small part of China’s total needs so developing the value end of the market is in our interests.

“In this, Bright Dairy has a huge advantage with its distribution channels and I’d like to extend that same message to Natural Dairy, which in the box seat for CraFarms.

“Yet we have to be realistic that this is a processing investment and that kind of investment is a two-way street, as the number of New Zealand joint ventures in China illustrates. Synlait Limited’s interest in Synlait Milk will reduce down to 49 percent but Synlait Limited is retaining total control over Synlait Farms.

“While this seemingly creates a clearer separation from Synlait Milk, New Zealand must be the only country in the world, which forces its major exporter to help out its direct competitors.

“Bright Dairy & Food Co Limited will wish to expand and that will demand more milk but under the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act, Fonterra is obligated to supply twenty percent of Synlait Milk’s needs for the current year.

“While there is talk about Chinese consumer-ready products being produced in Canterbury, the reality is that the Emissions Trading Scheme makes it far cheaper to ship bulk milkpowders up to China for value-add processing there.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that since milkpowder is lighter and easier to ship than pre-packs, you won’t pay our labour and compliance costs just to produce it here.

“The ETS will simply not add one yuan in China to what comes out of the driers in Canterbury.

“It’s also ironic that it looks like Synlait Milk looks like becoming a subsidiary of a local authority trading enterprise, in this case, the Shanghai municipality,” Mr McKenzie concluded.

July 14, 2010

Digital Photography Presentation by Anne Bolton

Brought to you by Seniornet

Topic:- Digital Photography 101.... getting started with the digital photography revolution

Date:- Friday 30th July , from 2;00PM to 4:00PM

Presented By:- Ann Bolton, renown local photographer

Venue:- The Club, Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai Heads

Investment:- $5 for members, $10 for visitors (no need to book.. just come!)

Rewards:- Refreshments provided!

July 1, 2010

Soljah EP Tour at the Maungaturoto Hotel July 8th

Kaipara and Auckland based five piece band Soljah will be appearing at the Maungaturoto Hotel on Thursday 8th July at 7.30 pm. Tickets Door Sales only Cost: $10 18 years and over only Booking fees may apply.

Soljah are a five piece unit based in Kaipara and Auckland, consisting of five heavy weight musicians who are creating waves across Aotearoa with their mesmerising live performances and ground stomping sound.

Heavy distorted riffs with rhythms that knock you off your feet, bouncy drum and bass to put you back on your feet, and tight vocal harmonies that drip with catchy melodies.

- Sourced Eventfinder