January 30, 2009

Service Stallion Available in Maungaturoto


Comet has an amazing temperament with his mares and foals. The throwing in his foals is a good variety of colour.

Service fees: $250.00 unregistered or $500.00 registered.

Phone 0800 311 322 or 021 902 087

January 29, 2009

Roper and Jones are moving...

from 141 Hurndall Street, Maungaturoto to 3 Gorge Road, Maungaturoto. You can still contact them by calling 0800 311 322.

If you require the furniture truck for hire you can also call the above number for more information.

Check out our website for properties for sale on http://www.roperandjones.co.nz/

January 17, 2009

Property of the Week - Mortgagee Auction Waterfront Land 421A Pahi Rd Paparoa

This is a great opportunity to purchase a property just a short drive from wonderful Pahi and the fantastic community village in Paparoa. Marketed by Keith Shadbolt of Ray White Bogue Real Estate Maungaturoto.

Reference ID# WAR20090
* Harbour views - stands of mature bush - wetlands - grazing - picturesque setting;
* Resource Consent for 3 block subdivision;
* Ideal future investment and lifestyle opportunity;
* Lot 5 DP 190659, on C/T 120c/262

OPEN DAYS: 1.00-2.00pm Sundays 11 January to 1 February inclusive
AUCTION at: Maungaturoto Centennial Hall
When: 2.00pm Wednesday 4th February 2009

CONTACT Keith Shadbolt 021 402 122 A/h 09 431 8646 Office 09 431 8820

*This is the first of our property of the week posts. This is a great opportunity for local Real Estate Agencies to contact us and request a post for their property of the week. All you have to do is email us and send us the details and the listing number or your property. Please note your advertising must comply with the Fair Trading Act. There is no charge.

January 15, 2009

Are you having trouble with your dog?

Behavioural issues? Does your dog think it's the boss? Here's help with a capital H.

Shirley Summers is a very knowledgable and helpful lady living in Paparoa. She's had experience over the years working for the SPCA and for the search and rescue organisation in Auckland. You can contact Shirley by calling here on 09 431 6408.

January 13, 2009

Kittens and Cats deperate for homes at the Maungaturoto Vet Centre

Abandoned - please give her a home
The little kitten above has a very sad story to tell. She was abandoned by careless uncaring owners and left alone without anyone to care for her. Fortunately she was found and brought into the Maungaturoto Vet Centre and is getting the care she so desperately needs. Katherine tells me there are yet more kittens needing homes as well. Please give the Vet Centre a call on 09 431 8318 or drop in and have a look.
This year an alarming number of kittens have been born. The Maungaturoto Vet Centre are asking people to please spey & neuter your pets. The cost is cheap compared to all the money someone would end up paying out for feeding a litter of unwanted kittens or puppies. They are offering a discount for speying and neutering any kitten that is rehomed through the vet centre. There is no charge for the kittens. Two very sad cases were brought into the Vet Centre. Both had been abandoned by less than caring owners. The first was the little kitten above and the other is this beautiful Black mother cat who has now been speyed and along with her beautiful litter of kittens is asking for someone to give her a new home

January 9, 2009

New look Sugarbelle's Sign is a real eye catcher

After some months away from the Maungaturoto landscape the Sugarbelle's Cafe Roadside sign has been revamped with a new fresh colour scheme and a new logo to match. Resting on a golden cloud a New Zealand Gecko beckons visitors to call in and enjoy the great food owner Julie Lewis has to offer. A great lunchtime menu is worth checking out and for a hot afternoon one of their great Iced Coffees or fabulous milkshakes is a definite must. Julie has a fantastic selection of fresh food to choose from. Next time you're through Maungaturoto drop in and check Sugarbelle's Cafe out. On the right just around the corner. Look for the geckos painted on the footpath and follow them in. Highly recommended don't miss it.

January 8, 2009

Tinopai Fishing Competition is on this Weekend Saturday 10th January 09

When Saturday 10th January Cost : $30 each. Kids 13 years & under Free
Enquiries and Tickets phone 09 431 7182

Fire Site Clean-Up To Begin On Monday

Fire Site Clean-Up To Begin On Monday

Removal of Dargaville fire debris containing asbestos is expected to begin next Monday (12 January) and will take about two weeks, Kaipara Mayor Neil Tiller announced today.

The presence of solid panel fibre asbestos was confirmed on Wednesday and a comprehensive assessment has indicated pockets in a number of areas spread around much of the site.

At this stage it appears that the large two-storey building may be clear of asbestos but decisions over how this building will be treated are awaiting the results of further investigation.

Kaipara District Council has overall control of the fire site and Mayor Tiller today announced that Auckland based Asbestos Solutions Limited has been engaged to carry out the specialised job of clearing areas containing asbestos, in consultation with the Department of Labour. However the company’s existing commitments mean it cannot begin work until Monday.

Clearing the asbestos affected areas is expected to take about two weeks, following which GHK Piling Limited will move in to clear the remainder. This is expected to take a further week.

Existing cordons and road closures will remain while the asbestos clearing takes place, then Council hopes to be able to reduce the cordoned area and possibly re-open the affected area of Victoria Street to one lane of traffic.

Watering of the site will also continue to eliminate any risk of breathable asbestos fibres becoming airborne.

Mayor Tiller says he is confident that the type of asbestos involved and the measures which have been put in place mean that there is very little heath risk.

Smoking Sewers Are No Cause For Alarm

Smoking Sewers Are No Cause For Alarm

Dargaville residents should not be alarmed if they see smoke coming from drains, vent stacks on buildings or holes in the ground during the next few weeks.

It is not the start of a volcanic eruption but the result of Kaipara District Council contractors testing sewers for breaks and defects. They are using specially designed smoke, which has a distinctive smell but is non toxic, harmless and does not create a fire hazard.

The smoke should not enter homes or buildings unless the plumbing there is defective or drain traps have dried up.

If traces of the smoke or its odour do enter a house it could also mean that odour from the sewer system may also be entering which can be unpleasant, dangerous and a potential health hazard. If such problems do occur, staff of Council’s contractors, Downer EDI Water can provide assistance in locating the source of smoke entering a house. However, correction of any defects in the pipes and sewer on private property is the responsibility of the owner who should contact a licensed plumber.

If smoke is observed in your home and the source is not readily identified or you have any questions, please call the contracts supervisor on 09 439 3105 or Council’s Customer Service Team on 09 439 7059.

Kaipara District Council says stormwater getting into wastewater sewers creates extra pumping and additional costs for ratepayers as well as the potential for overloading the system and causing discharges and inadequate treatment.

Using smoke to find places where stormwater can get in, or sewerage can get out of the system is more effective than videos which have been tried in the past.

The survey is expected to involve four days of field work and contractors hope to begin trial tests on Wednesday 14 January. Residents in all affected areas will be notified by letter before work begins in their street.

Dampening down after the Dargaville Fire

Following the discovery of asbestos material in the debris from Dargaville’s huge fire the site is being continually dampened to prevent breathable asbestos particles becoming airborne. This will continue until the site is cleared by specialist contractors.

Image and Caption - Kaipara District Council

January 7, 2009

Asbestos Found In Dargaville Fire Debris

Asbestos Found In Dargaville Fire Debris

The discovery of asbestos in the debris from Dargaville’s major fire will delay clearance of the site and require the public to continue to be kept away from the area.

Kaipara District Council today (Wednesday January 7) announced that testing of the fire debris has confirmed the presence of asbestos. However the material involved is solid panel fibre which poses a lower health risk than friable (crumbly) asbestos.

Council this afternoon met with Fire Services, Northland Health, Police, insurers, the building’s owners and Department of Labour to collaboratively minimise any potential health risk.

The area will be cleared as soon as possible but, because of the asbestos, this will require specialist contractors from outside the district.

In the meantime the site will be kept continually dampened to eliminate any risk of breathable asbestos fibres becoming airborne. The area will remain cordoned to protect the public and a section of Victoria Street will stay closed.

The asbestos and unstable damaged buildings make the fire area potentially dangerous and Council is asking the public to respect the barricades and keep away.

Mayor Neil Tiller says the discovery of asbestos is disappointing and hopes it will not significantly delay reinstatement of the area.

“It is a concern and I apologise for any extra inconvenience but I am confident that the situation is being handled correctly and Council’s understanding is that the risk posed is minimal.”

Disastrous Blaze A Horrible Way To Start 2009

Dargaville’s most disastrous fire since 1961 has sent shock waves through the community, says Kaipara Mayor Neil Tiller who extends his sympathies to everyone involved with the five businesses affected.

Monday evening’s blaze in lower Victoria Street gutted the large Foster’s Home Decorating store, the adjoining Main Street Interiors, Red Cross Opportunity Shop plus Lyndsey Bargh Physiotherapy and also damaged the Blockbuster Video Shop.

“After celebrating our town’s centenary only months ago this is a horrible way to start 2009” the Mayor says.

“Apart from the shattering personal blow to the owners and employees who will lose business and income at a critical time the town will lose the services of these businesses, at least temporarily, as well as part of its historic skyline.”

“The affected businesses all play a valuable role in the community and Fosters Home Decorating is an extremely successful and progressive family enterprise that is the one of the largest retail stores in Dargaville’s Victoria Street.”

“I hope they can all re-establish and will be back in business as soon as possible. Certainly we will be doing everything we can to help facilitate this.”

Mayor Tiller says Council is working with the New Zealand Fire Service and Police and that the affected areas will remain cordoned off while they carry out their investigations.

In the meantime Council is preparing demolition orders which will be served on the owners as soon as the New Zealand Fire Service and Police give an all-clear. It will then be up to the building’s owners and insurers to arrange clearance of the site.

Mayor Tiller has praised the actions of emergency services in controlling such a large blaze.

“There were more than 60 people involved, including at least 40 firefighters from the New Zealand Fire Service and Volunteer Rural Fire Forces, plus Dargaville and Whangarei Police, Ambulance personnel, Northpower and others.

“They all did an exceptional job controlling a fire that had the potential to spread a lot further than it did.”

January 3, 2009

Don't forget the Kaipara Art & Music Festival on tomorrow Jan 4th - Event Lineup


















FOOD & DRINK STALLS (or you can bring a picnic)


$20 AT THE GATE includes parking


CHECK OUT AT www.eventfinder.co.nz

Thumbs up for Rowen's Ice Cream at the Paparoa Farmer's Market this morning

While it's hot off the press, thought you would like this photo of two young fellows who fell in love with the ice cream being sold at the Farmers Market. The younger fella was heard to say loudly that "it was the best ice cream he had ever had" so that warranted a photo being taken of

The market this morning was great fun with lots of our regular shoppers but
also lots of happy visitors to the Kaipara. People have been enjoying the
pleasures of our local community which is really good to hear.

- Photo and News by Loraine Rowlands