July 24, 2009

First National, Roper and Jones, Maungaturoto are back!

First National, Roper and Jones are back in Maungaturoto. Their new office is located at 3 Gorge Road, ph: 0800 311 322, email: firstmaungaturoto@xtra.co.nz

They will be open weekdays 9am to 1pm, weekends 9am to 12.30pm

Feel free to pop in and see what properties we have listed, one the friendly salespeople will help you out.

July 20, 2009

Maungaturoto Library's New Sign

Our very own library has a new sign as part of Real Town Maungauroto. Each day when the library is open a smaller white and red sign will be placed underneath the main one so people will know it's open.

Hope you like it :-)

July 13, 2009

Maungaturoto stray cat population

Meredith at the Maungaturoto Vet Centre is looking for feedback on our town's wild cat population. Recently they re-homed their 50th kitten for the season which is not always the easiest thing to do. More often than not kind people bring in unwanted kittens or ones that have been found on the side of the road.

Some issues to think about in regards to wild cats:
  • Feline aids can be passed from one cat to another especially when a stray cat comes across a domesticated cat.
  • Wounds and abscesses from fighting with wild cats is another problem as well as cat herpes, flu, toxoplasmosis and parasites.
  • Damage to native wild life such as birds, frogs, lizards, fish, skinks, snails etc.
The Maungaturoto Vet Centre is looking at purchasing traps from Environmental Northland and using them around the August/September period and these will also become available to members of the public. However they do not wish to accidentally trap a domesticated cat so they will advise cat owners to keep their pets inside at night and hold the cat for a week if it appears to be tame.

Meredith and her team will be doing a mail drop around the area advising residents of this proposed program so if you have any feedback you can email her on mklove_64@hotmail.com or give the Vet Centre a call.

July 12, 2009

Otamatea Harbour Care Group

is having an enviromental Activity Day July 19th 11am at Whakapirau Beach. This is an invite for all people(including children) interested in environmental action around our Kaipara Harbour (or any other waterway).

Kim Boyle from Whitebait Connection, an action based educational environmental group that works towards communities taking care of their streams and waterways, is coming to do a workshop on a stream. She is an interesting and enthusiastic presenter who will work with us in and about the stream to assess its health.

Leane Makey is doing PHD research on the Kaipara Harbour. She has been out on the water finding out what is living in the Kaipara. She would like our help to find out about our foreshore that we are planting. If we find out what is living there now - then we can follow what happens as the trees grow - to the shellfish and other marine life. Leane is very knowledgeable and will show us how to collect data to record.

Both these ladies are giving up their Sunday to come and help us to make a real difference in our community and our harbour.

So bring a shared lunch (we will provide a cuppa) - your gumboots - a coat in case it rains - your children and grandchildren and friends - and we will have a fun day. If you are not keen on the muddy part - just come anyway and hear what they have to say as they are both passionate about the environment and community action.

July 2, 2009

Some community events for July/August

On the third Friday of each month there is "A way with words" happening. If you like reading, writing, listening, story telling, words or literally feel free to come along. Phone Jacqui McKay on 431 8308 for more information.

Winter bowls is held on Wednesdays.

Motorcross - First Sunday of each month.

Fiddler on the roof opens July 31st - make sure you get your tickets.

Country Club quiz night is on every second month - next date is Friday 28th August 7.30pm.

Golden Oldies Rugby Tournament on Saturday 2nd August at 10.30am.

Fundraiser for Linking Hands

Linking Hands here in Maungaturoto are wishing to raise money to buy a community car. The car will service clients to WINZ and ACC appointments, driving tests, students to Unitech and other places including health visits. It will be used to assist people for important things that are not available here in our town.

The Linking Hands group will be sending out a letter to all local business people, churches, groups and organizations in and around the Maungaturoto area.

If you can contribute in any way please contact their office on 09 431 8689.