April 7, 2009

Maungaturoto Matters April 2009 Parts 1 & 2

issue 90 april 2009 part 1 issue 90 april 2009 part 1 Storm Gerome

issue 90 april 2009 part 2 issue 90 april 2009 part 2 Storm Gerome

Council wants People to Start Talking Rubbish

How do we stop people rubbishing Kaipara?

As part of its Kaipara’s Future – Working Together 2009-2019 Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) consultation Kaipara District Council wants people’s views, before Tuesday 21 April 2009, on how it should deal with refuse which is creating an unsightly, unhealthy and costly mess in parts of the District.

Council says while collections are working well in much of Kaipara there are problems in the Otamatea Ward where the former contractor, rejected in a tender process, has continued to operate a collection.
In Kaipara’s Future – Working Together Council is suggesting a number of options for refuse disposal:
 Continue with the present user-pays system and its problems
 Include the cost of collection in rates and give every household 52 “free” bags
 Leave it to market forces and not have an authorized collection
 Have a user pays system financed through rates
The Council says having no Council sponsored system would mean no quality control. Also, other councils which have adopted a market forces approach are having to spend large amounts cleaning up after these contractors. The disadvantage of rate financed schemes is that they can sometimes penalise light users.
What would you do? Please tell us.
The Kaipara’s Future – Working Together also outlines next year’s proposed programme. Major features relating to refuse in 2009/10 include:
 $150,000 set aside for a new transfer station and recycling facility in Dargaville. Council is looking for a new site but has not ruled out building a new purpose built enclosed facility on the present Awakino Road site
 $237,000 will be spent maintaining and monitoring closed landfills
 $16,000 has been set aside for disposing of abandoned vehicles
 $19,000 budgeted for cleaning up illegal dumping
Copies of the draft Kaipara’s Future – Working Together 2009-2019 Long Term Council Community Plan is available at Council offices, public libraries and online at www.kaipara.govt.nz. Submissions must be made by Tuesday 21 April 2009.

April 1, 2009

Maungaturoto Matters March 2008 Parts 1 & 2

Issue 89 March 2009 Part 1 Issue 89 March 2009 Part 1 Storm Gerome Community Publication. March 2009 Part 1 Maungaturoto Matters. A free monthly publication produced and distributed by the Maungaturoto Community & Business Association for the Maungaturoto Community. Northland New Zealand.

issue 89 march 2009 part 2 issue 89 march 2009 part 2 Storm Gerome Community Publication done by the Maungaturoto Community & Business Association for the Maungaturoto Community

Weber Bros Circus presents SHOKARN - Oriental Spectacular

The Weber Bros Circus Spectacular is on in Dargaville at Selwyn Park this coming weekend Saturday 4th 2.pm & 7.30 pm and on Sunday 5th April at 12 midday. More details visit www.WeberBrosCircus.com or call 0274 996 148 direct

Matakohe - Anzac Day at the Museum

There will be a combined service of Paparoa RSA and The Kauri Museum. This will begin at 10.30 am with Fall-in at the Matakohe War Memorial Hall. The march will halt at the Cemetery Flag where poppy detail will take place on Gordon Coates' grave, the flag will be lowered and the Last Post sounded. The march will continue to the Gun Memorial for wreath laying by schools, then to the War Memorial Hall for further wreath laying following which it will continue into the Volunteers Hall of the Museum. A service will then be held during which family or friends will have the opportunity to lay flowers or poppies in the display near photographs of their loved ones. After the service a cup of tea will be served in the Matakohe War Memorial Hall provided by the Committee of the Friends of the Museum

For more information please contact Betty Nelley 09 431 7417 (work)

Christian Comment By Rodney Dunlop, Anglican Church, Maungaturoto.

Several days each year the country takes a holiday to remember and celebrate special events in our life together. Waitangi Day, Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day to name just a few. While some seem to totally ignore these events that mould our culture, others embrace them with enthusiasm. Visiting Waitangi this year, I was amazed to see the large crowds participating in the many events organised on the Treaty grounds, and to sense the unity and pride all present had for their nation and its biculturalism.
In a few weeks New Zealand will pause for the traditional Christian observance of Good Friday and Easter. These are special events, not just for Christians, since they celebrate the climatic events of Jesus’ life, his death on the cross at Calvary and His resurrection from the dead. Without these events there would be no Christian Faith and we would not have the wealth of Christian values which now undergird much of our national life.
If the medical profession had managed to find a cure for cancer, I’m sure the nation would honour their efforts and we would have a National Cancer Weekend to celebrate it. In reality, there is a disease from which we all suffer, far worse than cancer. The Bible calls it Sin. It is an insidious disease that eats away at us, often unrecognised and undiagnosed, but destroying our own sense of worth and value. It causes us to be rebellious and disobedient to God, undermining our faith both in God and one another and plants within us a deep self-centredness that causes others pain and grief, as well as slowly destroying the planet we live on for generations to come. Sin is the disease which ultimately affects everything we do. It’s the cause of much of our ill health, the poverty and suffering of humanity around the world, the strife and conflict between nations, the brutality and abuse found increasingly in our homes, families and community. It is why we have to have a police force, an army, navy and air force, a social welfare department, our courts and prisons.
For the wellbeing of the nation, agricultural scientists have declared that the one sure way of dealing with swine fever in pigs or foot and mouth disease in cattle, is to slaughter all the animals, not only those infected but all those associated with them. Some in our community would like to deal with certain criminals in the same way! God could have dealt with all of us that way. The story of Noah suggests that he did, saving only a remnant to begin the whole creation again.
St Paul, the prolific letter writer of the New Testament, declares that the ‘Wages of sin is death’...the only way to deal with this deep-seated disease of the human heart is to put it to death. But St John declares that God, out of His love for all he created, chose not to destroy us all, but sacrificed His only Son, so that His death would become our death, a substitute for what we deserve. The death He died at Calvary has made it possible for us to begin again. Our past has all been wiped clean, forgiven, and forgotten. Jesus’ resurrection was the proof that he had overcome the power of sin, which ultimately destroys us. By rising again Jesus came to breathe into us a new ‘resurrection life,’ which nothing can destroy. It was like a seed of new hope, which if we receive in faith, and then nurture with God’s grace and spirit, and in fellowship with others, we can become whole and new people. Millions around the world testify to this new beginning and can witness to how much it has changed their lives, and the lives of their community. Eventually we trust it will change the world.
The churches in our community will be celebrating these events over Easter weekend. We will walk through the town on Good Friday following the Cross, pausing to stop on the way to read parts of the story and to pray for our community.
On Easter Sunday we will celebrate with great joy in our services the Resurrection of Jesus, and a special display called ‘Easter in Flowers’ will be staged at the Anglican Church where a life-sized tomb surrounded by flowers will help us focus on the new life Jesus came to bring us.
Join us for these events and services and help us celebrate all that God has done for us.

This article was meant to appear in the April edition of the Maungaturoto Matters. Unfortunately this article was missed. Sincere Apologies to Rodney for the oversight.