September 15, 2008

Finally A Coach for Parents!!!

With deadlines approaching one particular email that came in caught my attention. It came from Gloria Ramsey who is a Parenting Coach. What a great idea. Gloria is a great person to talk to. Don't feel embarrased to give her a call - afterall there is no manual around for being a parent but having the positive encouragement and support of a Parenting Coach like Gloria - things will be looking up and yes perhaps I'll admit it this is a shameless plug but a good one.
Read this document on Scribd: ESP for Parents Course Brochure


Amy said...

Can I add this link to the maungi website?

Out in the sticks said...

Hello Amy!!!
Of course you can. I've added Real town on as a link so why not? Want to become a team member let me know. More the merrier then we can get this blog moving!!!